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Dr. Fogelson is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and completed his psychiatry residency at UCLA followed by a fellowship in psychopharmacology at McLean hospital. He has been on faculty at UCLA since 1982 as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and has been a lecturer to the residents in their advanced psychopharmacology seminar.

Dr. Fogelson's Practice Focuses On A Wide Variety Of Disorders & Treatments


Dr. Fogelson has a busy private practice in which he has seen more than 20,000 patients. In his private practice he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychoses, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders.  As an expert psychopharmacologist, he also offers “eclectic” psychotherapy.


Dr. Fogelson has performed forensic work for 30 years, specializing in issues of psychiatric diagnosis, suicide, psychopharmacology treatment, psychotherapy, and causes and etiologies of psychiatric syndromes.


Dr. Fogelson has published numerous articles and given advanced lectures throughout his career. Browse a collection of his articles and lectures.To see a complete listing of his lectures please see his curriculum vitae.